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Accepting Patients Into Our Practice

Only patients that have completed our registration process will be accepted into our practice.  You are currently able to complete this at our office.

How do I become a patient?



#1 Set up a “New Patient Registration” appointment – which is approximately 30 minutes in length. You can call or come up to the reception desk to book this appointment.
#2 At the registration appointment medical personnel will chronicle your medical history and create a basic patient chart for you. The physician will come in to review your medical information. No other medical concern will be addressed in this visit.
#3 Following your appointment you will be assigned a permanent physician. This process can take some time but with large influx of doctors joining the clinic in the next few months we expect to get through this quickly. Once a doctor is assigned to you will need to do an official “Policies and Procedures” appointment with your assigned family doctor.   
#4 In the meantime you can be seen by a physician at medical express for any medical concerns that you may have (with the exclusion of a physical). 


Medical Express does offer Walk-in Medical Services.

Hours of Operation

The clinic hours  are 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  If there is sufficient demand we will look at expanding clinic hours to include evenings and weekends.

One Concern Per Visit

Please try to focus on your main concern or problem. We do care about all of your problems so please tell your doctor about all of your symptoms and difficulties. Our doctors do their best to handle all your medical concerns efficiently. However, certain complaints require follow up appointments. Please be prepared to return for follow up appointments at your doctor’s medical discretion. Your doctor will focus on your main problem today and if necessary, discuss plans for any other medical issues in future visits.

Understand when you focus on your main concern it also helps the clinic better manage patient flow and appointments. Nobody likes to wait for a long periods of time to see their doctor but if everyone comes with a “list” it inevitably leads to long delays. We understand that for many people it is very inconvenient to see the doctor and requires time off work and so there is a desire to accomplish everything during one visit. Unlike traditional medical clinics that are situated close to where you live, where a visit requires time off work and driving time, we are conveniently located on the plus 15 for easy access.

Possibility Of Being Treated By Another Doctor In The Group

Part of the Medical Express primary care delivery model also calls for smaller practices and open access. We understand that most people do not want to wait for weeks or months to see their family doctor and will strive to achieve open access for our patients allowing access to doctors in a more time efficient manner. In order to achieve this objective it may require you to be seen by another doctor in the group but as we have one patient record continuity of care is maintained.

Uninsured Services

Alberta Health and Wellness doesn’t cover all services. For example, forms and sick notes require payment. All forms must be presented at the reception desk and paid for before the office visit.

This Will Be An Academic Facility

This will be an academic facility as we expect the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine will train medical students and resident doctors at this clinic. Medical students are trained to take medical histories and perform certain physical examinations. The supervising doctor makes the diagnosis and decides on management with the medical student. Resident doctors see patients with less direct supervision (as they have graduated medical school). A resident doctor can diagnose and treat your condition, and will have a supervisor readily available. The supervising doctor is responsible to ensure that your problems are accurately addressed. You may be asked to see a medical student or resident doctor and we encourage you to allow them to facilitate us with your care. If you have a very personal issue that day, and do not want to see a student or resident doctor, please inform the staff or the student/resident and we will do our best to accommodate your request for that visit

A Full Service Facility

This is a full service facility. Doctors at the clinic perform minor surgery at the office, including excision of moles and lumps, IUD insertion, endometrial biopsy, polyp removal, abscess drainage, hemorrhoid enucleation, and suturing wounds. The doctors may also perform injections of joints, aspiration of ganglions, and cauterize nosebleeds. All childhood vaccines, flu shots, and travel vaccines are available.

Test Results

Please do not call for your test results. When you are sent for a test, ask your doctor if you need to come back to review results. Typically, you are expected to return if your symptoms remain or if you worsen, even if the doctor doesn’t call you back. Doctors always call patients with significant results that need follow up. If in doubt, please just come back to the office to discuss things in person.


Expect the highest level of confidentiality from your doctor. You must provide written, witnessed authorization in order to release your medical information to anyone (even a parent, a counselor, or a spouse), unless you are with the person at the time of disclosure.

Termination of the doctor-patient relationship can be done at any time and can be initiated by either party. If a patient feels that the relationship is not working out, they can seek a new doctor. A doctor can equally decide if the relationship is not therapeutic, and if necessary, will notify the patient. If you miss three booked appointments or are abusive towards any staff member you will be discharged from the clinic. Medical Express has zero tolerance policy regarding staff abuse

Practice Reduction

Since the principle of open access in central to our vision If our practice becomes too large and our patients begin to have difficulty accessing our doctors we will reduce our practice size. Unfortunately this will result in the termination of doctor-patient relationships. We apologize in advance but ensuring open access is vital part of our vision.
Primary Care Network
The Medical Express clinic is  part of the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network

Limited Wait Times

Our goal is to do everything in our power to value your time and ensure that you do not have extended waits in our waiting area. However we are a medical clinic and medical emergenies do come up.  Please understand that if your appoitment is delayed it is for a valid medical reason and not because we overbook the clinic.  Your understanding is always greatly appreciated.