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Uninsured Services


Not all services performed by your doctor are paid for by Alberta Health Care. Some services, called Uninsured Services, are performed by your doctor and need to be paid by you after you receive the service. Some examples of Uninsured Services are sick notes, parking forms etc.

Below are the current costs at Medical Express for these services.

Sick Notes - $45
Telephone Prescription Refills- $40
Notes for Massage, Orthotics etc. - $35
Disabled Parking Forms - $40
Back to Work Note - $35
Fitness Club Note - $35
Employment Insurance Disability Forms - $50
Drivers Medical-$150.00
Missed Appointments- $50
Physical for school or camp (includes form completion) - $75
Certificate of Fitness – $40
Maternity Certificates - $35
Revenue Canada Tax Credit Form - $50
Day Care Note - $35
School Camp Form - $35
Pre-op consult for an uninsured service
- $100